Do you need help to get your baby to sleep through the night? Are you about to embark on weaning. Is your toddler a bit tricky at mealtimes? Baby toddler sleep problems, patterns & routines. Starting a baby sleep training programme, difficulties weaning or if you have a toddler who is a fussy eater, these can all seem like daunting tasks.

With so much conflicting information available, it’s no wonder parents feel confused and frustrated. Mel offers positive parenting support to help you to retrain your baby into a good sleeper. By listening to your baby sleep problem with a sympathetic ear we are able to offer reassurance and empathy. Mel can then put a baby sleep plan of action together for you to follow with your baby by offering both telephone consultations and home visits. See clips or feedback in the menu for case studies.

  • Is your baby finding it difficult to settle to sleep at bedtime?
  • Has your baby never learned to go to sleep by herself?
  • Do you need to hold your baby until she has dropped off?
  • Does your baby have a bad nap routine?
  • Is your baby’s eczema keeping him awake?
  • Is it taking up to an hour to get your child to settle at bedtime?
  • Does your baby rely on endless props and cues in order to settle at bedtime?
  • Is your baby waking during the night even though she does not require a feed?
  • Is your baby dummy dependent, waking in the night every time the dummy falls out?
  • Relying on endless props and cues in order to get your baby to settle at bedtime?
  • Are you putting baby to bed already asleep, only to find she wakes up after 45 minutes?
  • Is your baby demanding endless night feeds and then not feeding well during the day?
  • Is your baby waking due to hunger because he is not weaning onto suitable foods?
  • Does your baby or toddler wake up endlessly through the night even though she is tired?
  • Does your toddler insist that you sit by his side at bedtime until he goes to sleep?
  • Is your toddler or child waking during the night and insisting on sleeping with you?
  • Is your toddler or child refusing to go to bed and using all manner of delay tactics?
  • Is your toddler refusing food, then failing to sleep the night because she is hungry?
  • Are you exhausted from more broken and sleepless nights than you care to remember?
  • Read umpteen ‘baby sleep problem’ books all of them giving conflicting advice?

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