Sleep Nannies -Telephone Consultations

I am currently available for telephone consultations at various times Monday Tuesday & Wednesday afternoon or evening. I normally reserve Thursday & Friday for home visits. But I am flexible depending on my schedule, so please do get in touch with any specific requirements if you cannot find a suitable day or time.

45 minute appointment costs £55.00 currently £35 time limited offer. The next available appointment can be viewed on the booking form page. The baby sleep telephone service has proven to be the most immediate & successful method for advising and reassuring parents. This has allowed parents who need help now, to speak direct with me within a few days.


Telephone consultations are particularly suitable when parents find that they may need additional support, confirmation or if they feel that they require a confidence boost. I will advise you based on your specific needs on how to achieve positive steps forward together. I will advise you ways in which you can achieve the gentle, loving and kind of parenting you and your family have all dreamt about. I will help you to remain in control and stay confident at all times. I am never judgmental, just supportive, caring and above all understanding.

Please note I will telephone you on the land line number provided. I am sorry but I cannot telephone international or mobile phones. If this is the case you will be required to call me at the allocated time on my auto routing consultation number (call rates apply). International callers who cannot access this number will be sent an alternative number with their email confirmation. SKYPE options may also be available.

Before you embark on your sleep journey, please review safer sleep advice here from

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