Baby sleep problems?

With so much conflicting information available, it’s no wonder parents feel confused and frustrated. Mel offers positive parenting support to help you to retrain your baby into a good sleeper. By listening to your baby sleep problem with a sympathetic ear we are able to offer reassurance and empathy. Mel can then put a baby sleep plan of action together for you to follow with your baby.

In addition to home visits and private telephone consultations, Mel has a range of helpful books available to to download for instant viewing today. Mel can help you with these common baby sleep problems and feeding issues and many more positive parenting skills. Any baby sleep training programme has to be sustainable and we believe that by setting parents a series of steps to follow with realistic goals to aim for, within a sensible time limit, can enable them to regain their confidence and succeed.

As there is a huge link between baby sleeping and feeding or eating, some of the advice will be related to your baby or child’s nutritional intake. Some foods that are recommended by some health professionals actually can have a negative effect on your baby or child’s ability to sleep. Many parents really do believe that they are the only ones experiencing these baby sleep problems. Remember that some babies and children need a little extra help to get to sleep independently.