Telephone coaching with Mel

Mel is available for telephone coaching appointments and offers individual sessions, follow up calls and a 12 month parenting club, providing unlimited coaching help and support as frequently as you need it. The parenting package is for all the children in the same family for a whole year.

My telephone coaching service provides you with comprehensive advice and solutions for sleep issues, night waking, settling issues, transitioning baby to own bedroom, giving up night feeds and general advice on how to get better sleep. Guidance through weaning, negotiating food intolerance’s such as dairy or gluten, starting baby on a healthy whole food diet. First food ideas. Potty training. Routines for babies birth to 18 months. General parenting advice through developmental milestones and guidance during challenging stages.

  • Learn how to gently guide your baby or toddler towards a better night sleep.
  • Help your baby learn how to self-settle.
  • Teach your toddler to sleep independently through the night.
  • Toddler stay in bed techniques.
  • Understand how much sleep your baby or toddler needs and how to achieve this.
  • Find the right routine to suit your baby, family and your lifestyle.
  • How to wean your baby with healthy nutritious wholefoods.
  • How to prepare healthy tasty and easy recipes for babies and children with allergies such as dairy and gluten.
  • Encourage your toddler to eat fruit vegetables.
  • Strategies to cope with picky eaters and toddlers with food phobia.
  • Gain the confidence you need to deal with sleep regressions, developmental separation anxiety, sleep disruptions due to illness and holidays.
  • £59.99 - Package includes.
  • Call duration up to 55 minutes
  • Text or email support for up to 48 hours.
  • 50% off a follow up call (valid 6 months - excludes 12 month unlimited)
  • £499.99 - Package includes
  • 12 months coaching support
  • Each call up to 55 mins (max one per day)
  • Unlimited text or email support for 12 months
  • Free training guides, articles & recipe downloads for 12 months
You can call Mel direct for a quick informal chat.

Mon to Thurs: 10.30am to 2.30pm if you...

  • Would like to know more about her
  • Not sure if this is right for you
  • Need some more information
  • Need help with booking

Telephone Mel on 0844 357 9913

Select option 1 (help booking). Calls cost 7p per minute plus the access charge levied by your phone company. For example BT charge +13p per minute. Check your phone providers rates.

The next available coaching appointment can be viewed on the booking form page. The telephone coaching service has proven to be the most immediate & successful method for advising and reassuring parents. This has allowed parents who need help now, to speak direct with Mel within a few days.

Telephone baby sleep coaching is particularly suitable when parents find that they may need additional support, confirmation or if they feel that they require a confidence boost. Mel will advise you based on your specific needs on how to achieve positive steps forward together. Mel will advise you ways in which you can achieve the gentle, loving and kind of parenting you and your family have all dreamt about. Mel will help you to remain in control and stay confident at all times. Mel is never judgmental, just supportive, caring and above all understanding.