It was reassuring to be told exactly what to expect

We need help getting our 4 1/2 month old baby girl to sleep through the night. Around 2 months she got to the stage where she was waking only once in the night and having a small feed then back off to sleep until 7am. One night this changed and since then she wakes every night between 3 & 6 times a night. I am absolutely exhausted and i feel that she is not as happy as she should be. She has a dummy and it seems that when she comes into a light sleep she’s awake and sometimes the dummy will soothe her back to sleep other times it wont. Her feeding is all over the place.

The last 3 weeks she is taking probably only 1 full bottle a day the rest she’ll leave usually around a quarter even a third. This is out of only a 7 oz bottle. Its like she gets bored of it, is nosey and cant concentrate on it or keeps being sick and doesn’t want anymore. Because of this i think she must be hungry in the night so we’re back up to 6 oz in the night. She goes down perfectly at 7pm and sends herself to sleep which is why we cant understand why she cant send herself back to sleep in the night. We have tried leaving her to cry and it just gets more and more stressful for her, to the point where she is sobbing, screaming uncontrollably. Its absolutely painful!

“We have been following your advice and are now on our 4th consecutive night of sleeping through and have knocked the 10pm feed on the head. I found your service extremely helpful. The advice was very well communicated and always worked given time. I cant thank you enough for your help, you really helped us especially on the initial call when i was close to despair. You made me feel very comfortable and not like i had failed by having to ask for help. It was reassuring to be told exactly what to expect when we put our new routine in place and your predictions of what to expect were pretty spot on. It helped us get through the really bad nights knowing it was all getting us closer to achieving our goal. I would have no problem in recommending you. Thank you once again for your help” (Maria from Nottingham)