Tailor-made solution with practical & easy tips

I contacted Mel when I was at my lowest ebb with my 5 month old son who had been waking every 30 mins throughout the night for months on end. I was exhausted and frustrated as I’d researched so many things but nothing worked and I was overwhelmed with contradictory information online or from others.

I honestly can’t thank Mel enough. Her knowledgeable, kind, understanding and non-judgmental approach had me at ease instantly. Mel will work with each family differently (I have an older daughter too so what we did had to not disturb her routine either) for a completely tailor-made solution with practical and easy tips to try.

Mel’s advice worked complete wonders for us and she had my little boy sleeping through within no time. Her aftercare is lovely too. I love how Mel still checks in on us from time to time to see how we’re all doing! I would (and have) recommended Mel to any friend going through any kind of issue with their little ones. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without her! Thank you Mel xx

You’re gold, just like Laura promised

Dear Mel,

Thank you so much for your advice during our Monday call this week. Your advice came along with a boost of confidence that we can do it and that it won’t be so hard. Your method sounded easy enough. We started with the training right away and just had our night number 4 which S slept through! It’s a miracle! No crying, no dummy, no drinking at night. We only had to wait it out twice on the first night and he quickly understood that he just has to go back to sleep.

Once again a huge thank you! You’re gold, just like Laura promised.

Mel changed our lives

I cannot recommend Mel more highly. We got in touch with her because our 4 month old son was not napping longer than 30mins during the day and was waking every 2 hours overnight.

After one phone call Mel quickly identified a strategy for us and after 4 weeks of implementing our lives completely changed. Our son is now putting himself to sleep independently and his daytime naps are the perfect length for his age.

He’s also now only waking up once in the night. Our family can hardly believe the change. This is all due to Mel’s fantastic advice. Furthermore, she went above and beyond to insure we were able to implement her strategy by providing support via text message.

This was completely life changing given we were so sleep deprived and anxious being first time parents. We are so grateful to Mel for all her support and will continue to consult her as our son grows if we face further challenges. Thank you, Mel you are a God-send! (Amina from London)

Parents reunited with sleep

Mel came to our rescue when our daughter was eight months old. She has previously been sleeping through the night, caught a cough and cold and for 12 weeks straight woke every hour and a half in the night. I was due back to work and getting next to no sleep!

Mel came to our house to meet us and went through Georgia’s sleep patterns with us. She highlighted things we may have been doing wrong and bad habits Georgia has gotten herself into which we were only making worse by feeding her each time she woke in the night as a quick attempt at getting her back into her cot without really addressing the real issue. A few days of hard work breaking her sleep associations enabled us to be successful at re-settling her without removing her from the cot.

These days we are getting much more sleep. She still wakes some nights once or twice but getting her back to sleep is usually quick. We are having more and more episodes of sleeping through too. We would recommend Mel to other parents with young sleep thieves.

Thank you from parents…

Josie – Surrey
Hi Mel, We’ve had two good nights so far, with E… settling in 40-50minutes when first put to bed. The first night she woke a few times but twice she settled in five minutes which is unheard of! Last night she stirred in the early hours but put herself to sleep without us at all, amazing. And I’ve had to wake her at 7am today. Fingers crossed we weather the next storm (as in under no illusion it will remain so great) but many thanks for helping give us some tools and confidence to make this easier.
Best wishes Josie

Lorraine G – Hampshire Dear Mel, Just wanted to drop you an email to say thank you so much for your help and advise during our phone consultation a couple of weeks ago. E doesn’t have milk at all during the night now, and from the first night started ‘playing ball’. Last night she slept from 7pm- 6.15am!!! I cant thank you enough! Really hoping we’ve cracked it now, you have saved my sanity!

Best wishes Lorraine

Eve S – Brighton Dear Mel. Just a quick word to say thanks so much for all the advice in the past – I’m sure you don’t need any more positive reviews for your website, but it occurred to me the other day (as I was recommending your services, once again, to a new mother), that I have never put down in writing how grateful and pleased I am to have discovered you on the web. I think I’ve now had 3 or 4 telephone calls with you, and they have never failed to solve the boys sleep or behaviour or potty training problem. both boys are now full potty trained in the day (odd accidents apart of course). most importantly, these days whenever I encounter a problem, I think back to what you have told me in the past, I trust it will work again, I stick to the plan and it does work. Ditto issues with them eating and at last, little by little, they are expanding their meals repertoire. So, a big thanks to you for your expertise and wisdom – you are transforming so many people’s lives, I think you are doing something truly truly important. good luck with growing the business and prospering accordingly!

All the best, Eve

Suzanne B – Hong Kong Thank you SO much for all the advice you gave me on how to handle A. It was just such a relief to speak to someone who listened, understood and could show me a way forward – I feel like I am back in control again already. Thank you! If I don’t speak to you again in the near future, I am sure I will be back in touch when baby number 3 decides to throw me a few curve balls at some point!

Fiona M – London – We have made real progress in the last week – E has slept through the night on 2 consecutive nights! Going to bed is now a dream – and her food intake is much better. Also, wanted to thank you soooo much for your help so far, we have come so far in such a short period of time – and you have really given me the confidence to do this – my only regret is we didn’t find about you earlier!

Louise C – Surrey. 2 consecutive nights of sleep, fingers crossed, we are so grateful to you Mel for all your help. Nearly there, thank you very, very much.

Charlotte P – Somerset The telephone consultation service we received from Mel was exceptional. She really took the time to listen and spent a lot more time than was allotted to help us. The technique she gave us was brilliant and works every time. She followed up each telephone consultation to check that everything was okay. She was very patient, supportive and understanding and generally a really really nice person! She gave us a lot of advice on lots of subjects alongside the sleep solutions. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Best wishes, Charlotte

James & Nicola – Henley on Thames. We would like to thank Mel for her telephone assistance regarding our 2 year old sleeping (or not!) Having followed the guidance given by her we are delighted that our son is now sleeping through again. To say we are pleased would be an understatement! We found our sleep nanny to be very helpful, patient, supportive and most of all she helped us to regain the confidence we had lost. We would not hesitate to recommend her or call again if required

Josie London – I just wanted to contact you to say that your visit to me about 9 months ago was a real breakthrough in my experience as a mother. Mel was so, so nice and a total pleasure to have here. I got so much out of her visit, best of all a great night’s sleep for the first time since my daughter’s birth. I was given the confidence to work with S (my daughter) and to get a bit tougher… learning that she really responded well to that and was actually given the opportunity to learn to sleep herself. She has just turned 1 and always sleeps and nearly always naps brilliantly, she is a happy spark of joy, and so am i now.
Mel you were just so brilliant, i am sorry it has taken me this embarrassingly long time to get in touch…But better late than never! Thank you xxxx Josie

Fiona – London – Hi, Just wanted to say a big thanks for all your help, both with E and O. I feel much better after the call today, you are very good at giving the confidence to do this! Good luck with the book – and please let me know when its published.

Take care, Fiona.

Johanna S – Surrey The baby is sleeping amazingly, I can’t believe it. We are only on day 7 but last night he slept from 6.45pm to 6.30am without waking up, no dream feed, not even a whimper! Both of us keep asking why we never new about this technique and why we didn’t call sooner! And to top it all it wasn’t even hard work. It was almost like he knew and now he is happy to just go to sleep when it is time to. Almost….

Kate – London I just wanted to email to say a massive thank-you to Mel. My seven month old is finally sleeping through the night and I can’t thank her enough. Her advice was brilliant and I have told all my friends with non-sleeping babies about sleep nannies!


Amanda S – Hi thought I’d let you know how its going… what you advised me, has had amazing results. He doesn’t make a sound. He soon settles down and last night it took only 15 minutes before I could leave the room. The first night we tried this he actually slept through to 6.30. We are so pleased that we are at least half- way towards getting him to bed and getting a nights sleep. Its much less stressful than anything else we’ve tried.

Many thanks again. Amanda

Caroline – London – Just to say a big thank you to Mel. Exactly two weeks after I first spoke to you F started sleeping through and for the last three nights he has slept until just before 7am. We will take your advice and get rid of J’s dummy in the New Year. I may well be in touch for some further advice and support then! Thank you so much for your help. I am starting to feel human again!

Lucy C – Sheffield – Thanks so much for your advice and support. We have found the experience to be very positive and are finally getting a good nights sleep. The difference in T has been amazing and he took to the routine within 3 days. This is a child that has only ever slept through a few times since his birth! We have still got a way to go but the improvement so far has been fantastic. Thanks so much for your help only wish we had found you sooner!

Heidi L – Oxon – I have been extremely pleased with the advice given to us in the first appointment – our daughter slept through the night last night for the first time in weeks and I only spoke to Mel, on Monday! (2 days ago)

Julia BL from Putney London – I am just writing to let you know that the routine with M works great. She is not screaming any more… In fact she was great from the first night. Did everything as supposed to do and I was quite surprised… The rest is working great, she also takes the bottle now from my sister without a problem. Thanks a lot for beginning our life going back to normal. Speak to you soon

Alison – thank you so much for all your advice – it feels great to be affirmed about his diet! Its so lovely too to talk to someone who has such great practical suggestions, I actually feel like we can put all that into practise. I’ll keep you posted about how we get on. Luckily I have a very supportive husband and loads of family help too so we’re in a very privileged position.

Yours gratefully! Alison x

The Baby Sleep visit has been a turning point

We never felt happy to let him cry and it made us very anxious. I have worked hard on his routine and feel this has largely worked although would appreciate help in fine tuning it. Now just started solids. Our problem is when we lay him down to sleep (having fallen asleep at the breast) he often cries inconsolably and has to be repeatedly breastfed and re-laid down. This happens for naps too although sometimes I can lay him down awake and he will go. We would also like him to sleep longer at night and perhaps in his own room now (currently still in a cot by my bed) We would like our evenings back and not to feel so anxious once he is finally asleep that he will wake and cry. I would like to feel less exhausted in the day and more able to enjoy my gorgeous little boy.

“We both really feel that The Baby Sleep visit has been a turning point and are so very, very grateful to her for that. She did far more than just advise us on J’s sleep. I am writing this after putting J up for a nap with NO CRYING!!

How wonderful is that?! Best Wishes Becky” (Rebecca from Crewkerne)

If I seem ecstatic when I write this…

We have 3 main concerns: She is very clingy with me. She is still swaddled (someone suggested it when she was 6 weeks old and we have never been able to get her out of it). She is still fed to sleep, and fed back to sleep when she wakes during the night (up to 3 times). Ultimately I would like to get to the stage where I can give up breastfeeding (in the next month or so), and E can stay overnight with other family members occasionally. I also need to sort out her daytime naps, which although they are fairly regular, she still needs to be rocked/sung to sleep.

“If I seem ecstatic when I write this then it is because for the first time in 13 months my daughter Emma has not only managed to sleep from 7.30pm – 5.30 am without waking, but she has managed to do it for a week now. 5:30 is still early, but it’s better than the 3 or 4 hours of broken sleep I was getting up until now! Mel was fantastic! I can’t praise her enough! She gave us the confidence to help Emma sleep at night, without resorting to letting her cry, on her own for hours on end (something we were contemplating before I found out about the service). We also had the advice and support we needed even when Emma was not well half way through the consultation. The way it was done also means that we have the skills to cope in the future if sleepless nights become a problem again. I cannot believe it was as easy as it was when we finally did it! During the visit, she also boosted my confidence as a parent, which can only lead to a happier household!

Thanks again to everyone” (Donna from Bath)

Very professional service that you have provided

Our baby is nearly 4 months old and still not sleeping through the night. He has his last feed at 10pm and then wakes at 2am and every hour after that until 5am, each time he wakes he cannot settle himself back to sleep unless lifted out of bed and cuddled, or if we use a dummy. We would like him to be able to sleep through the night (he no longer feeds after 10pm) or at least be able to settle himself back to sleep each time he wakes up, as neither of us has had an uninterrupted nights sleep since he was born!

“Dear Sleep Nannies I would like to thank you all for the very professional service that you have provided to me. The telephone administrator has always listened with empathy to my calls and acted swiftly and efficiently to try and help. He is a great introduction to the service and immediately inspires confidence. Mel has been fantastic. She has made me feel that the service she provides is much more than a job to her and i am much more than a client. She has given me an ear to talk to – empathy – and above all advise that i can act on – that is tailor made to my baby and situation.

She has spoken to me much longer than needed to outside her designated hours and for that I am so grateful. She even called me once when she was ill, as she realised I needed her support. And also sent me some NUK dummies (that have proved very useful) gratis.  If we all did our jobs as well and took as much pride in our work as Mel then the world would be a very different place. Things have gotten so much better and I hope will continue to improve for the three of us, though i do feel human again.

The fact that I can write this email is proof enough that things have changed for me!! Thanks to you all for your professionalism and help” (Dr M F from East London)

I will always be grateful for your calm and helpful voice

Dear Melissa,
Eli was one on Saturday – he is a good sleeper and that’s all thanks to your help and advice at 12 weeks – even through periods of teething, illness, development we know that we can get him back on track. I will always be grateful for your calm and helpful voice in a period of utter chaos!

I have recommended you to a couple of friends who had babies around the same time as us but are struggling with some sleep issues. Hopefully they’ll be in touch soon.
Katie, Bart and Eli


What Mel has helped me to achieve is truly amazing

I need to know how to stop my daughter from breastfeeding through the night & co-sleeping as well as being able to encourage a better eating practice throughout the day.

“This time last week my 21 month old daughter E was still greedily breastfeeding at all hours of the day and night and sleeping tucked up beside me in our bed. Consequently I had not had a full night’s sleep for almost two years and my health was really suffering to the point where the doctor said I seriously must consider finishing feeding her.

After such a long time the end of this relationship was inevitably going to be fairly traumatic for both of us and I really knew I needed professional help and support. Having consulted Sleep Nannies last year over sleeping issues I did not hesitate to get in touch with her again. I can only say that one week on we have managed to achieve the unthinkable – E has calmly accepted the end of nursing and is sleeping through the night (with just a few waking) but definitely understanding that this is her new bed and getting used to it, even enjoying it. I never imagined she would ever fall asleep without nursing but she now asks for a “cuddle” instead.

What Mel has helped me to achieve is truly amazing – she has given me so much support and guidance and always has manageable advice to hand. She has given me the confidence to start a new chapter with my daughter and rather than feeling exhausted and demoralised by trying and giving up, not to mention emotional and hormonal, I am getting my energy back and feeling very positive. Mel really works miracles and I recommend her so highly to anyone going through weaning a toddler” (Miranda from Devon)