Mel changed our lives

I cannot recommend Mel more highly. We got in touch with her because our 4 month old son was not napping longer than 30mins during the day and was waking every 2 hours overnight.

After one phone call Mel quickly identified a strategy for us and after 4 weeks of implementing our lives completely changed. Our son is now putting himself to sleep independently and his daytime naps are the perfect length for his age.

He’s also now only waking up once in the night. Our family can hardly believe the change. This is all due to Mel’s fantastic advice. Furthermore, she went above and beyond to insure we were able to implement her strategy by providing support via text message.

This was completely life changing given we were so sleep deprived and anxious being first time parents. We are so grateful to Mel for all her support and will continue to consult her as our son grows if we face further challenges. Thank you, Mel you are a God-send! (Amina from London)