Parents reunited with sleep

Mel came to our rescue when our daughter was eight months old. She has previously been sleeping through the night, caught a cough and cold and for 12 weeks straight woke every hour and a half in the night. I was due back to work and getting next to no sleep!

Mel came to our house to meet us and went through Georgia’s sleep patterns with us. She highlighted things we may have been doing wrong and bad habits Georgia has gotten herself into which we were only making worse by feeding her each time she woke in the night as a quick attempt at getting her back into her cot without really addressing the real issue. A few days of hard work breaking her sleep associations enabled us to be successful at re-settling her without removing her from the cot.

These days we are getting much more sleep. She still wakes some nights once or twice but getting her back to sleep is usually quick. We are having more and more episodes of sleeping through too. We would recommend Mel to other parents with young sleep thieves.