What Mel has helped me to achieve is truly amazing

I need to know how to stop my daughter from breastfeeding through the night & co-sleeping as well as being able to encourage a better eating practice throughout the day.

“This time last week my 21 month old daughter E was still greedily breastfeeding at all hours of the day and night and sleeping tucked up beside me in our bed. Consequently I had not had a full night’s sleep for almost two years and my health was really suffering to the point where the doctor said I seriously must consider finishing feeding her.

After such a long time the end of this relationship was inevitably going to be fairly traumatic for both of us and I really knew I needed professional help and support. Having consulted Sleep Nannies last year over sleeping issues I did not hesitate to get in touch with her again. I can only say that one week on we have managed to achieve the unthinkable – E has calmly accepted the end of nursing and is sleeping through the night (with just a few waking) but definitely understanding that this is her new bed and getting used to it, even enjoying it. I never imagined she would ever fall asleep without nursing but she now asks for a “cuddle” instead.

What Mel has helped me to achieve is truly amazing – she has given me so much support and guidance and always has manageable advice to hand. She has given me the confidence to start a new chapter with my daughter and rather than feeling exhausted and demoralised by trying and giving up, not to mention emotional and hormonal, I am getting my energy back and feeling very positive. Mel really works miracles and I recommend her so highly to anyone going through weaning a toddler” (Miranda from Devon)