Tailor-made solution with practical & easy tips

I contacted Mel when I was at my lowest ebb with my 5 month old son who had been waking every 30 mins throughout the night for months on end. I was exhausted and frustrated as I’d researched so many things but nothing worked and I was overwhelmed with contradictory information online or from others.

I honestly can’t thank Mel enough. Her knowledgeable, kind, understanding and non-judgmental approach had me at ease instantly. Mel will work with each family differently (I have an older daughter too so what we did had to not disturb her routine either) for a completely tailor-made solution with practical and easy tips to try.

Mel’s advice worked complete wonders for us and she had my little boy sleeping through within no time. Her aftercare is lovely too. I love how Mel still checks in on us from time to time to see how we’re all doing! I would (and have) recommended Mel to any friend going through any kind of issue with their little ones. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without her! Thank you Mel xx