The Baby Sleep visit has been a turning point

We never felt happy to let him cry and it made us very anxious. I have worked hard on his routine and feel this has largely worked although would appreciate help in fine tuning it. Now just started solids. Our problem is when we lay him down to sleep (having fallen asleep at the breast) he often cries inconsolably and has to be repeatedly breastfed and re-laid down. This happens for naps too although sometimes I can lay him down awake and he will go. We would also like him to sleep longer at night and perhaps in his own room now (currently still in a cot by my bed) We would like our evenings back and not to feel so anxious once he is finally asleep that he will wake and cry. I would like to feel less exhausted in the day and more able to enjoy my gorgeous little boy.

“We both really feel that The Baby Sleep visit has been a turning point and are so very, very grateful to her for that. She did far more than just advise us on J’s sleep. I am writing this after putting J up for a nap with NO CRYING!!

How wonderful is that?! Best Wishes Becky” (Rebecca from Crewkerne)