Very professional service that you have provided

Our baby is nearly 4 months old and still not sleeping through the night. He has his last feed at 10pm and then wakes at 2am and every hour after that until 5am, each time he wakes he cannot settle himself back to sleep unless lifted out of bed and cuddled, or if we use a dummy. We would like him to be able to sleep through the night (he no longer feeds after 10pm) or at least be able to settle himself back to sleep each time he wakes up, as neither of us has had an uninterrupted nights sleep since he was born!

“Dear Sleep Nannies I would like to thank you all for the very professional service that you have provided to me. The telephone administrator has always listened with empathy to my calls and acted swiftly and efficiently to try and help. He is a great introduction to the service and immediately inspires confidence. Mel has been fantastic. She has made me feel that the service she provides is much more than a job to her and i am much more than a client. She has given me an ear to talk to – empathy – and above all advise that i can act on – that is tailor made to my baby and situation.

She has spoken to me much longer than needed to outside her designated hours and for that I am so grateful. She even called me once when she was ill, as she realised I needed her support. And also sent me some NUK dummies (that have proved very useful) gratis.  If we all did our jobs as well and took as much pride in our work as Mel then the world would be a very different place. Things have gotten so much better and I hope will continue to improve for the three of us, though i do feel human again.

The fact that I can write this email is proof enough that things have changed for me!! Thanks to you all for your professionalism and help” (Dr M F from East London)