She helped me understand what is normal and what is to be expected

Until 8 months old T was a near perfect sleeper. going to sleep on his own – sleeping 11-12 hours a night from 16 wks and rarely waking. when he did wake he would be easily settled back. Since august he has been prone to night wakings – 1 to 4 times a night. Sometimes he can be easily settled back to sleep but more recently he will not. In fact he had taken to crying hysterically screaming, standing up at the cot and shaking the bars. He resisted going to sleep in the day or the night by “freaking out” every time one of us went o put him in the cot. We have over come this by doing the sush pat and moving away distance technique. However when he wakes he immediately starts hysterically crying. It is becoming increasingly difficult to settle him. Often he will just fall asleep as he is totally worn out. He usually sleeps through when he stays at his Nanas or when she puts him to sleep. He has a dummy but does not usually cry out for it if he has lost it. T used to be a predictable and steady sleeper but this predictability has disappeared.

“Thanks again to everyone there. We have not hesitated to recommend you. We arranged to have two telephone conversations with Mel after enduring week after week of sleepless nights with our 12 month old. son T. She asked all the right questions to quickly understand our family’s situation and the needs of our son. She gave us practical advice that we could put to work that very first night and made some suggestions about dietary changes that we have more recently made. Most importantly she helped us find the confidence we (and I particularly) had lost over recent months.

She helped me understand what is normal and what is to be expected and explained our son was not a “bad baby”. My husband and I came together with a renewed energy to deal with T’s unpredictable waking during the night, and her advice made us more determined than ever to follow through with the strategies consistently as and when we need to. Life improved within a week and significantly so within two. She helped us regain our confidence and most importantly I don’t dread bed times and am enjoying being a Mum again. I took the 2nd call today – I didn’t feel we needed it at all but actually wanted to feed back to Mel how life has improved and thank her for her advice. I would never have thought that a phone call would have been so helpful, but it was.

Everyone at Sleep Nannies has been great – we thank you all” (Lucy from Rochester Kent)