It took 2 minutes for him to go to sleep!

When we started formula milk at 6.5 months, we discovered that O was allergic to cow’s milk protein so he has been prescribed hydrolysed formula milk. He has also vomited when given cooked whole milk and yoghurt so we have been advised not to give him any dairy.

Specific issue: Our overall objective is to help O to learn to self settle and therefore, to sleep through the night without our intervention. We would also like to transition him to his own room if possible.

He has co-slept with me from birth and has never been a good sleeper. This is largely because I have been feeding him to sleep at night and taking him out in the pram during the day for his naps, so we have never helped him to learn to settle on his own.

Where we have tried, his crying escalates within seconds and he is hysterical for a long time. He has been exclusively breast fed until 6.5 months and we are now transitioning him onto formula as I have had to go back to work.

Currently, he is having a formula feed at 10.30am and breast feeds at 6/6.30am, 3pm, 6/6.30pm, 9pm (one side) and 12midnight (one side). In terms of solids, he is on 3 meals per day with meat for both lunch and dinner. We were told by our health visitor to ramp up the solids quickly but ever since starting solids he has been constipated so we think some of the night time waking is due to his tummy hurting.

He has been waking anything from 5-10 times per night, but in the last 3 weeks, things have improved a lot so on average, it is 3-6 times per night.

Day 1 (Post home visit) – It was so great to have you here and we really, really appreciate all your insight and experience, care and help. You’re brilliant at what you do. Thank you for taking precious time away from your family to help us, especially on a weekend. We’re both feeling optimistic and can’t wait to have a rested O so that we can finally catch up too!.

Day 2 – Morning. Something short of a miracle happened last night! After falling asleep, O woke at 21.40 for 6 mins (I didn’t go in as he was winding up and down so I figured it better to leave him), then he didn’t stir until 05.00! (he didn’t feed at all in the night!). I can’t thank you enough for getting us here. You’re amazing x x

Day 3 – Tonight another personal best for O. It took 2 minutes for him to go to sleep! (P.W.Y. from Surrey)