Mel was wonderful; kind and patient with excellent advice.

Within the last 2 weeks, our son has started to wake up every 45 mins or so from 1am onwards during the night and has been unable to resettle. We have had to get up and reinsert his dummy. As a result, we went dummy cold turkey three days ago and it has been a disaster. He is unable to self settle and we now find ourselves rocking/ jigging him to sleep. He wakes up again at 11 and we dream feed him, he goes straight back to sleep. But he wakes a three and it is impossible to get him back to sleep.

He goes into meltdown for about two hours; he is clearly very cross and there is little we can do to comfort him. After three days of this, our happy, sunny boy is overtired and very sombre with few smiles. He seems stressed. We are not totally against leaving him to grumble but not if it becomes a full crying fit and we would want to intervene before that stage. We do not want to do controlled crying. Daytime naps have always been problematic; he won’t settle in his cot at all without his dummy (and even with it was tricky) and will only really sleep properly on someone of in a sling/ pushchair.

When he does go down in his cot, he wakes up after 45 mins even though he is still tired and will fall back to sleep if held.
I just wanted to send an email – some two months after we used your service – to say a huge thank you! We originally came to you to try and get help weaning our baby off the dummy and to establish a better sleep pattern.

Mel was wonderful; kind and patient with excellent advice. When our baby took longer than normal to adapt to life without the dummy, she encouraged us to keep going. It took three weeks in total but it worked. And since then our baby has been an excellent sleeper.

Shortly afterwards he started sleeping consistently through the night. Recently, he has been ill and has had jet lag to deal with which has thrown his sleep patterns off again, remembering what the sleep nanny said, I just re-employed the system we were given and he has reverted to going through the night again! I am so very, very grateful to you! A friend referred me to the service and I have since told everyone I meet about it.
Thanks once again, Susannah from london.