Our best investment in a long time!

Our daughter goes to bed at 7pm and will generally sleep well until about 10.45pm when we give her, her last feed of the day. The problems start after that. She used to sleep until about 4am, and on rare occasions would sleep through until 6am. But recently she’s started waking at all hours of the night and we’re experiencing great difficulty in getting her back to sleep for any length of time. My fear is that we’re starting to create bad sleep habits. She already uses a dummy, and last night the only way of getting her back to sleep was to rock her in my arms. I really don’t want to start doing controlled crying. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

“Thank you a million for the practical, kind and effective advice Mel gave us in our telephone calls. She gave us the confidence to start as well as continue her approach to help our 6 and a half month old daughter give up the dummy at night time and sleep through the night. We saw an almost immediate improvement and within a week she had slept through for the first time ever and 3 weeks later is still doing so. It involved no more crying than before and our baby is even more smiley and happy than before. Our best investment in a long time!” (Hannah from France)