I will be forever grateful to Mel for helping me get back in control

Our daughter E has difficulty settling herself to sleep and is becoming increasingly dummy dependent. She ends up sleeping with mum for second half of night. We would also like assistance getting her to take more food in the day.

“Admittedly I was a little nervous of having a stranger come into my house but it was the best thing I could have done. Before the sleep nannies visit I was sleeping in E’s bedroom and for the second half of the night I had E in the bed with me. E was also using the dummy to go to sleep so I was up and down throughout the night putting it back in her mouth. Ever since Mel arrived (5 days ago) E has not had the dummy to go to sleep or during the day, she takes her night feeds quickly and goes down straight after in her cot – even when she wakes at 6.00am she just lies there babbling away. I have not had to endure night time crying, but Mel taught me how to allow E to cry for her daytime naps so I am well prepared. She only cried for 1 min going down for her nap this morning! I know it won’t always be like that but I feel strong enough to deal with the longer spells of crying now. I really enjoyed having our sleep consultant here and she helped me gain confidence to lead E rather then the other way round. She gave me lots of advice and I will be forever grateful to her for helping me get back in control.

Many thanks Caroline” (Caroline from Harrow)