Virtually undisturbed night of sleep

Our ultimate objective is to get N to sleep through the night in his own cot. Currently he goes to sleep in his cot at about 6.30pm with me sitting beside him (tried “controlled” crying, but he screams for over an hour, like his foot has been cut off!) He then wakes at about 11pm and I feed him then and put him back in the cot. At about 12 he will wake again and from that point on just will not settle. He can’t be hungry but is not happy unless I breastfeed him (screams if I give a bottle, try to put him back in the cot etc) – if I wake him up properly (put on the lights etc) I can then sometimes get him back to sleep without breastfeeding and get him back in the cot but he will then wake again, generally within the hour, and we have to go through the whole process again. If I take him into bed with me he will drift off after feeding but still wakes regularly and screams unless I attach him again. He has never once slept through the night and this current behaviour has been going on for about three weeks now. He does have sleeps during the day but length of them is somewhat erratic. He doesn’t take a dummy – has never been interested.

“Hi, Just to let you know that your advice is working very well. My husband was away last week, when we started with the advice, so was very impressed on arriving home yesterday to wake up this morning after a virtually undisturbed night of sleep (N only woke once, at 4, for 5 minutes then slept through until 6.30)” (Sam from Kent)