I just wish I had contacted Mel earlier

My 11 month old daughter has always slept quite well from an early age. She has always happily gone to bed at 7pm and maybe woken once in the night for her dummy. She would always wake at 7am. I am now having lots of problems. She is not settling at 7pm anymore. Wakes up screaming in her cot about 3 times a night. She is also waking at 5am and wont settle back to sleep. I understand this is due to separation anxiety as I have gone back to work and we have a nanny looking after her. I am extremely worried as she has never had problems before and I am exhausted! I am not sure what to do because the Nanny only started 2 weeks ago so I don’t know if I should implement sleep training or whether I should be reassuring my daughter at night whilst she gets used to the nanny. She has also recently learnt to stand up in her cot so stands screaming until I go to her. It is really upsetting seeing her like this. She is also screaming when I put her down at nap times (9am and 1pm). This was never a problem in the past. I really need some help to sort this problem out as I believe she is now using me as an aid to get back to sleep which I know is wrong.

“I was recommended sleep nannies by a friend and was slightly sceptical at first – however after the second night of putting the advice into practice my 11 month old daughter L was sleeping from 7pm until 6am. Last night she did 7pm – 7am and I really couldn’t ask for more. It was great and so reassuring hearing the sleep training advice from a professional. It really helped at 4am when I was so confused how to get her to sleep. It definitely has been the best £80 I have spend since having my daughter!! I have recommended sleep nannies to my sister and friends who are having problems with their babies sleeping. I just wish I had contacted them earlier.” (Annie from London)