Her advice and knowledge is down to earth, empathetic and practical

Our little boy, W, is coming up to 11 months old. We did have him going to bed between 7-8pm and sleeping through some nights. But recently it has fallen apart and W is standing up in his cot wailing for up to 2 hours this past week. He has been teething and has some hay fever. However, we have probably been too soft with timings, cuddles and letting him into our bed because we’re tired…

“We just want to say a big, big thank you to our sleep nanny Mel for her help with W’s sleeping. She was meticulous going through all the details of his diet, routine and sleep habits (or is that our sleep habits?!) and gave us a really solid plan to follow. We re-jigged feeding and bottle times on her advice, bit our lips (and paced back and forth following her comforting method) for four nights and then on the fifth he slept through!
He has also continued to pretty much sleep through throughout our recent holiday with about 6 changes of bed and some pretty bad teething bouts. Mel was also a lot of fun to talk to over the phone, taking it in turns with both me and my partner Simon to chat roles. Her advice and knowledge is down to earth, empathetic and practical. We could count on one hand the number of nights W had slept through in his first 10 months. Tonight we put a happy, zonked out little boy to bed who we hope will bounce awake ideally about 7.30am! We will be very happy to recommend you further. Best wishes Rebecca M” (Rebecca from London)