She gave us so much invaluable advice and guidance in such a short time

After 15 weeks of being first-time parents – my husband and I decided we needed some help in getting our baby daughter’s life (and ours) into more of a routine. D had mostly been fed on demand, carried in a sling and rocked or fed to sleep. While this felt right while she was a newborn, it was apparent that as the weeks went by and with no set routine or nap times, she always seemed grumpy and unsettled and had no idea how to get herself off to sleep. Every day seemed like an uphill struggle and we truly believed we had a really ‘difficult’ baby. Having read all the conflicting advice about bringing up babies in various books and from friends and family, we felt confused and unsure of what to do next. So we contacted Mel for some advice.

Mel stayed with us for 2 nights and in that short time worked absolute wonders. She taught us how to get D to sleep by herself (a revelation!) and put together a realistic daily routine that allows D proper nap and feed times (but without the strict timetable that so many books seem to advocate). I’m amazed at how easy it has been to adjust to and it has made such a huge difference to our everyday life. And as an added bonus, by the second night, D was sleeping through from 7pm to 7am.

I can honestly say that by the second time I put D in her cot while she was awake – she grumbled for about 30 seconds and then went to sleep. And now she goes to sleep by herself every time without any problems – just 3 days later. She is so much happier and more contented – and as a result so are we (or maybe it’s the other way round…!).

Mel is warm, friendly and supportive, and within minutes of her being in our home she felt like part of the family. She gave us so much invaluable advice and guidance in such a short time – and we will never look back. (Mrs E T from Watford)