Mel has a lovely gentle nature

As a family of two children, aged 5 and aged 3 it was somewhat of a surprise to learn that we were going to be expecting twins into our family. Having had two children already we felt we had the knowledge to deal with two new arrivals but the sleepless nights were going to be a problem! Friends of ours who also had twins, had also used Mel to help them through the early days and on their advice, we also decided to enlist the help of Our sleep nanny.

Mel provided us with a very valuable support, not only to help us get some very crucial rest but also some very valuable advice. I found Mel to be an excellent support, with so much experience with young babies. Mel provided us with the confidence we needed to get through the early days and establish a good bedtime routine with the twins. Mel has a lovely gentle nature and the babies had no problem with adjusting to their night nurse. I know that without her help the early days would have been very hard. (Judy P from Somerset)